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The Main PCB level service means repairing to the basic level of design. For example ,replacement of controllers, IC chips, soldering of the circuit, we need to go to the basic level of circuit design. This is the most complicated part of the television repair and you should not call a local technician to find the fault. It is advised to consult an authorized service center, especially for replacement. We have experienced staff and skilled technicians to correctly find the fault in the motherboard of your television. For easily fixable problems in the motherboard, we can fix it properly with quality replacement components.
If anything goes wrong with your television, LED/LCD, the first troubleshooting is done in the main board / television circuit board or motherboard. Customers may encounter certain types of main-function of the television like no picture, less quality of 3 images,WIFI not working .All these problems can be diagnosed only in a motherboard of the television. The estimate of the cost of repair or replacement of the digital board depends upon the model of the television like LED,LCD .


                                 -TEMPTURE SENSOR ISSUE,

                                 -HANG MODE ISSUE

                                  -IR SENSOR NOT WORKING ISSUE/REWORK




                          -NO AUDIO

                          -NO VEDIO

                          -NO HDMI

                          -REMOTE NOT WORKING

                          -SOFTWEAR REWORK




                                        -MAIN MOTOR ISSUE

                                       -DRAIN PUMP MOTOR NO WORKING

                                        -DISPLAY FUNCTION NO WORKING

§ REFRIGERATOR:-                                                                                                                                

                            - INVERTOR BOAD REPARING                                                                            

                            - COMPRESSOR ISSUES

                            -TEMPRETURE SENSOR ISSUE

                            - DISPLAY PCB NOT WORKING ISSUE

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