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  • most encountered problems with an LCD/LED television is its panel. If you have encountered below problem in your television screens like
  • H-Line/V-line
  • Negative Picture/No Picture
  • Jumping Issue
  • Burning Issue
  • White Picture/Balancing
  • Backlight Issue
  • Dust Patch
  • Retries
  • Doble Image  Then your television panel requires a repair.uWe also offer the Panel Repairing  Services of your LED/LCD  TV  with 32-80 inches of multibrands like MI,REALAME,ONEPLUSE,SAMSUNG,LLOYDS,AMSTRAD,LG,TCL,THMOSON,THOSHIBA,HAIER,PANASONIC etc. We have high –end panel bonding machines and experienced staff to perform panel bonding services.

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